Affirmative Action Approach and Results
The Arbor Consulting Group, Inc. is a risk management and human resources compliance consulting company. Our business model is based on working with federal contractors and subcontractors to help them preserve their federal revenues and avoid the potential for liability by managing risks in OFCCP audits. 

The Arbor Consulting Group takes a strategic defense approach to our clients' Affirmative Action Plans (AAP's) and affirmative action strategies and has generated a high level of positive results. For example, 90% of the audits for which Arbor prepared the AAP and managed the audit resulted in Letters of Compliance - the best possible outcome for our clients.  Compare this result to the fact that, on an annual basis, approximately 25% of OFCCP audits result in Letters of Compliance, and the Arbor difference becomes clear. 

The AAP's Arbor prepares and the implementation strategies Arbor recommends are designed to:

1. Assure the organization is in compliance with its requirements as a Federal contractor.

2. Incorporate the organization's affirmative action and EEO policies and philosophy.

3. Build an effective defense strategy that aids in preventing liability and accomplishing other organization goals.